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Christian Riders of Pineville News Letter


February 2016  Words From The Prez

Greetings fellow God Loving, Motorcycle Loving, People Loving members of CROP. I know, another letter. I am sure Rich is going to be shocked once he receives this to format and put on the website.  I wanted to reach out to you all again and inform you all on a few things.

First I offer you all a truly heartfelt THANK YOU to you all for your support to me and my family during the passing of my dad. I cannot put into words just how much that meant and how touched my Dads wife (Linda-Sue) was to see the flowers. They were beautiful.

 I also apologize again for missing the last meeting. I am happy to report that recovery is going very well, in fact, so good that maybe I can make the ride that is planned at the end of the month. With that, a huge thank you to our VP for running the show in my absence and without a notice from me that I was out.

Our Bunny Run, our 2nd annual is just around the corner. I think we should still have the ride shortly after Easter. Easter is the 27th of March so I think April 2nd or the 9th will be good Saturdays to do so. I want to advertise it a bit early, so I plan to do a paper release and just maybe get on Jambalaya. I would like to be with someone else, so I am not all alone and scared in front of the TV. LOL.  As you know the animals aren’t moving as fast as I thought and I think we need to expand and contact the LSU Shreveport Children’s Hospital. It would make for a good ride event and we can stuff our saddle bags full of animals to deliver. More to come on all this, so stay tuned. Another slight change is to move it up after this year, do a benefit ride prior to Easter, so we can go to the Hospital on Easter Eve and personally deliver. Logistics will need to be worked out on that.

I will close with that for now, but wanted you all in the loop. Thank you all for service to Jesus, I want you all to be encouraged and blessed.

                                                                                Your very humble President.

                                                                           Marco Youngblood
                                                          CROP President IV      

Here are a couple of links that have to do with motorcycle safety.
Ride, have fun, and be safe.


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